teacupcracked (teacupcracked) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Sizing

Out of curiousity; how does the currently available and recently available inventory of Innocent World fit you and or your friends?
I just went to a store in SF yesterday that is officially licensed to carry Innocent World (And Liz Lisa!) in the US (same building that Baby is in) and I tried on two JSKs and neither could fit my bosom. Now, what surprises me and concerns me about this is that I have about the second to smallest bra cup size available in the US with a chest measurement of 32 inches. To avoid ordering nightmares in the future I was wondering, in general, does Innocent World size very small in the chest area? My waist is 26 inches currently and there was room to spare and the full skirt gave my 40 inch hip line plenty of room room and space for a few petticoats.
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