useless doll (nittlegrasper_) wrote in egl,

Lolita meet-up in Tokyo and questions

Hi there!
My name is Alisa, I'm lolita from Russia.
Me and a few lolitas from Australia are going to Tokyo during New Year Holidays and the beginning of the year. We decided to have a little meet-up at 8 January ^^
If you will be in Tokyo at this day and want to come – just ask! Every lolita are welcome <3

And another question:
1. Do you know any stores in Tokyo which sell old magazines of GLB and KERA? Not only new magazines but old.
2. Can you recommend place to visit in Tokyo for lolita? ^_^ Maybe cute cafes, shops, interesting and beautiful places etc.

Have a nice day everyone!

My FB page (to contact me):
Tags: events: meetups
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