honeyteaclover (honeyteaclover) wrote in egl,

Identification Help: Solid-Color AP JSK

So far I've had a lot of luck identifying the solid-color pieces in my collection, but I'm just stuck on this one, so I thought I'd give the community a shot.


I bought this JSK secondhand off of a Yahoo Auction. The seller's photos made the JSK look like a cinnamon red, and the dress does strangely show up as red when you try to photograph it. However, it's actually a deep violet (I played with the pictures in Photoshop to try to get the color to show up accurately). I didn't find a lot of violet AP dresses on Lolibrary or HelloLace, so I thought this would be a breeze to ID, but no luck...

The dress also has boning and a removable bow. (In the photo, I stuck the bow to the bottom front of the JSK.)
Tags: *angelic pretty, discussion: identify clothing
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