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Someday my prints will come...

Ah, prints. We all love them (and if you don't, perfectly fine) and yearn for the day where we can proudly say that we've gotten them all. Whether you prefer the whimsical, gothic or basic there's a print for everyone! So what are some of your favorite prints ever? Did you get lucky and find one you love?

Now I've a laundry list of dream items (dresses, socks, shoes, jewelry, etc.), so if this gets really long I do apologize.

Angelic Pretty
Fantastic Dolly
Merry Making Party
Cinema Doll
Dream Sky
Sweetie Chandelier
Jewelry Jelly
Eternal Rose Bouquet
Musee du Chocolat

Queen of Snow ~The White Kingdom...~
Cinderella Jewelry
Icing Dancing Cake
Sweet Jewelry Princess
Welcome to the Sweets Hexanhaus
Paris Window

Queen of Snow and the Magic of Whiteness
Queen's Coach
St. Mephisto Cathedrale
The End of Immortal Eden
Vampire Requiem
Ghost Town Merrymaking

Innocent World
Angel Land
Lauretta Rose
Roman Mosaic Tuck

Thorny Rose
Night of Masquerade
Twinkle Journey
Rose Birdcage

Love Jewelry
Cinderella Bunny
Magical Cosmetics
Military Sweets

Krad Lanrete's Lost in Sea Blue
Chess Story's Starry Night Angel and Marriage d'Amour

Huh, this was a bit shorter than I thought... Oh well I'm pretty sure someone out there has a MUCH longer list than mine!

So comment on here about your favorite prints and (a couple days early) have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!
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