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Looky looky! Bodyline's got a new dress!

As usual I checked Bodyline to see if they got anything new in the Lolita section and lo and behold they do!

bodyline op

Yes for $80, you can get a JetJ-esque JSK, black bolero with removable sleeves and a little matching handbag!

Personally though, I think it's a huge improvement over the eyesore that was L529. The print is very dreamy and almost reminds me of a Rembrant painting. The colors are stunning and they go well together - *sigh* *swoon*

However, it still resembles a generic sundress with a tank top style bodice and the bolero seems to be the same as the one for L529. And I'm not sure how Bodyline's bags are, but something's telling me the one with this OP might not be the sturdiest thing on the planet. Oh and there's a slight shine to it thanks to the polyester material... Guess I should wait until someone gets their hands on it before I decide whether or not to buy it.

So has this been added to your Lolita shopping list or Bodyline's list of fails?

Oh and to anyone wondering what number this is, it's L546.
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