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3rd-Sep-2013 07:42 pm
Hello Ladies (and gentlemen)
A few months ago I ordered from the Mexican shoe company Dear Lenore.
I came across the company through Facebook and was impressed at the level of customization you could get for the price. They had a wide selection of colors and embellishments for you too choose from.

On July First I inquired about the price of a pair of their Elise style shoes shipped to the United States.
The total came out to $45. I paypaled the money over on the second and they confirmed my order. I was told I would be sent a picture of my order and a tracking number in a about week. So far the communication had been very quick and courteous and I was very optimistic about my shoes. According to their Livejournal info page ( the orders go in on Thursdays and go out Tuesdays so I figured I wouldn't wait too long for my shoes.

On July 9th I FB messaged her my address since I hadn't read the part of a previous message where she asked me to confirm the sending address. I was messaged back that for quality control the shoes would be ready Friday and would be sent on Saturday at the latest.

Welp Saturday came and went. I asked on the 14th if they had been sent and no reply.
Again I asked on the 19th if they were ready or had been sent and again no reply.
I posted on their Facebook wall inquiring about my shoes and finally got a response on the 22nd.
I was told my shoes were ready and that the day after I would be told my tracking number.
After that nothing.
I asked again on the 26th for the shipping number for my shoes. I didn't get a response until the 30th that though they did have my shoes but weren't able to ship them due to not having a full name for the address they were sending too. I thought this was a bit odd considering my facebook name, my email, and my Paypal all contain my real full name. But whatever I sent my name and address them again.
Around this time a thread started up on the Facebook sales page of other customers that weren't getting their items. Apparently I was not the only one being given the run around. One of the girls posted on Egl asking about Dear Lenore:
It was getting close to the Paypal time limit to file a claim so I decided i'd rather be safe than sorry. I think about three other girls also started the process for complaints on Paypal since they too were cutting it close.
I asked again on the 10th for my tracking number and didn't get a response until the 14th.
FINALLY on the fourteenth I received a tracking number along with the picture of my order. She sent me a very apologetic message that I do believe was sincere. My guess is the company was overwhelmed with orders which just slowed everything down. I wish I would have been told that since I totally would have understood. I would have preffered the truth instead of being told my order was shipping out when it really wasn't. At this point I was just wishing these shoes would be worth this headache. I closed the paypal dispute.

So the shoes were on their way! Great! That's all I've wanted for a month. Everything will be just gravy from here on right? NOPE
Through no fault of Dear Lenore the shipping took longer than the ten days I expected. On the 28th I got the little USPS brown paper of death that told me I had missed their delivery and to go pick up my package. No biggie. All I wanted was to have my shoes in time for Disneylands Dapper Day and it looked like I was in luck. I go to the post office on the 29th and I was told they were out for delivery again. Fine. I went to the post office three days in a row and was told it was out for delivery every time until I was able to speak to the supervisor who promised me he would find my package the day after Labor Day.
So I waited. Which by this point in time I was really good at. These shoes were a trial in patience.
FINALLY today I went back to the post office. The clerk at the window went to check for my package three times each time coming back to give me the You're F*cked headshake they tend to give you when they've lost your package. I told her about the supervisor and she told me to stand to the side and wait for him. I waited 20 minutes and he walked up to me my package in hand. I was so happy to see it I couldn't even be angry about what had happened.

Shipping: 2.5/5
Was it shipped on time? No
Was it packaged nicely? Yes
The shoes came wrapped in tissue paper inside a pink box wrapped in brown paper all tied together with pink string.
(I found the Live without Drugs PSA on the bottom to be rather amusing)

My first impression of the shoes are that they are worth the price. Their even worth the wait if you knew from the beginning it would take a month longer than previously stated. I bought them size 7.5 US and they were true to the size. Maybe a bit snug but of course any new pair of shoes need some time to break in. I;m reluctant to give full marks for the quality yet since I have yet to wear them for anything other than these pictures but so far i'm very happy with them. They look very nice and well constructed. This Friday they will be put to the test at Disneyland and I will update my post with how well they hold up to 3+ hours of walking.
Quality (so far): 5/5

If anyone has any questions or would like more pictures i'd be happy to answer/provide
Might take a bit for pictures though since I am not home at the moment.
Overall getting these shoes was like pulling teeth but I was happy when they finally got to me. Would I order from the again? Maybe. I'm definitely on the fence since other girls have gotten their orders without a hitch. I do believe I just had the bad luck of my order having come in at a bad time but I really wish they had handled the situation with better with some honest communication
4th-Sep-2013 04:22 am (UTC)
It's such a shame that you had to go through all of that, but the shoes are cute! I'm interested in knowing how they hold up too!

Edited at 2013-09-04 04:23 am (UTC)
4th-Sep-2013 01:28 pm (UTC)
That story made me CRINGE. The shoes are very cute but I cannot help but think they are trying to be copies of Angelic Pretty's tea party shoes, in which case the Secret Shop ones you can buy from Clobba are far superior for not that much extra money. I'm beyond satisfied with Clobba's communication and shipping times, as well as their prompness at dealing with an issue I had, so if you're in the market for cute tea party-like (or not, they have plenty of styles) shoes in the future I recommend you go over there instead.

I read a lot of threads like these and I knew the overseas lolitas have to deal with soooo much crap (I personally couldn't put up with it) but as apologetic and sincere as her last email to you might have been, all the ones before it were straight up lies (what if you'd needed the shoes sooner..?) so I really hope you spare yourself the stress and worry of going with them again. :/

Glad you finally got them though...and they *are* cute.
4th-Sep-2013 01:28 pm (UTC)
Woops, I didn't mean to reply to the first comment, just to the entry. My bad. :X
4th-Sep-2013 09:21 pm (UTC)
I really hope that it was just them having too many orders slowing things down, 'cause I really love their shoes and they're a lot less expensive then An*tai*na. (mostly in regards to shipping costs, it ended up being $60 total for the shoes I have now)
4th-Sep-2013 11:59 pm (UTC)
Her reason as to why there was a huge delay was her address or bank account couldn't be confirmed. I ended up having to file a claim to get my money back that she said she would give.. She never responded to me again after asking for my money back.
6th-Sep-2013 05:57 pm (UTC)
Yeah :/ id like to give them the benefit of the doubt but there rrally isnt an excuse for not answering our messages. I mean shes not running a scam necessarily but the moment something goes wrong she shuts down
7th-Sep-2013 05:32 am (UTC)
I think the shoes are really cute, I like these ones shape more than the AP Tea party shoes.
These ones are more dainty. <3
I'm not sure, if I'm up for ordering them, though (the customer service doesn't seem good).
And if they did have problems with verification her bank account/address etc. She should have done it (the verification) before she even started selling these shoes as a bussiness.

I'm sorry you had to go through all of this for a pair of shoes.
I hope the shoes last well. ^0^ <3

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10th-Sep-2013 01:57 am (UTC)
It is helpful!
6th-Oct-2013 11:28 am (UTC)
Hey, I have a question and I hope you can answer even though this post is pretty old, the bow on the back of the shoe, was it attached to the shoe or was it attached to an alligator clip? I'm just wondering because mine were not attached to the shoe, but to a clip and it not only looks really stupid when I put it on the shoe, but it doesn't even really stay on. I'm just wondering if she was being stupid about this and trying out a new thing or if it's just something she does.
6th-Oct-2013 07:27 pm (UTC)
The bows are fully attached. if you got them recently im pretty sure you could return them
7th-Oct-2013 02:32 am (UTC)
Thanks for the answer! I actually ordered mine before you and got them this week. There were a couple different things wrong with them including scuffs and wrong customization, but it took so long to get them that I'd rather keep them than have to wait longer. Thanks again though.
7th-Oct-2013 03:29 am (UTC)
Your a saint. If I had waited this long and they were wrong I'd be beyond pissed. Maybe you can tell her you plan to keep them but that they were not what you wanted or write a review here on egl. I'd atleast offer u a discount on new ones
7th-Oct-2013 04:45 am (UTC)
Yeah, I let her know and she just said "Sorry for the troubles." She told me to let her know if anything was wrong so I assumed she would offer to help no matter what my decision was, but she didn't. I do plan on writing a review once I get some time this week to do it.
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