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Bears in Lolita

Lately I've been noticing a disturbing influx of bears in lolita. As we all know, bears have quite the reputation for being terrible hosts to young women with long, curly fair hair, and quite a few lolita wear long, curly fair hair, so I feel that it's truly an alarming situation.

For many years, that devious bear usakumya has been sneaking into lolita fashion in the guise of a mild mannered rabbit.
(Look at those eyes! Are those the eyes of a friendly bunny? I think not!)

Endearing himself to Baby the Stars Shine bright to the point where they made a print which they named Friend Usakumya.


But how friendly are these bears really? Looking closely, we see that these bears are wearing dresses. Lolita dresses even. Who wears lolita dresses? Why lolita do! Do bears? No, bears wear fur. So, naturally, one must wonder... what did these bears to do the lolita who's dresses they are wearing? And why does Baby have to tell us that the bear is a friend. Is it perhaps... because the bear isn't a friend?

And you know who those bears certainly aren't a friend to? Bees. Look at these bears. Stealing honey from Bees and wasting it by spilling it all about. How are those bees supposed to feed their families? How will they survive? And you know who needs bees? Flowers. Who puts flowers on their dresses and in their hair? Lolita.


Quite recently, Misako had a teaparty, in which a bear snuck up on her while she was sipping her tea, like a good host, she invites the bear to join her.

Next thing you know, Misako is traveling to Canada. You know what they have in Canada? That's right. Bears.

And just last night Angelic Pretty released their Muse Du Chocolat. What's on the print? A bear. What are the accessories? Bears. When they started publicizing this print, they had a bunch of models wearing the pieces. Last night on their blog, their only model was a bear. Look at that sly face. Where is the human model, Mr. Bear? Where did she go?

9274_large bear bear2

And those bear accessories, looking all innocent. What are they doing? Wearing sashes. Who just, for the first time ever started releasing sashes? AP. Coincidence? I think not. These bears have invaded our fashion and are influencing our top designers.


Where will it end? When will it stop? What is their agenda? What will the bears invade next? How can we protect ourselves from falling victim to this sweeping phenomenon?

...and for those of you they have already gotten, so you needn't feel left out: what's your favorite bear themed lolita item?

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