snowdrop_angel (snowdrop_angel) wrote in egl,

Art-Related Feedback Wanted!

Hello all!  I was wondering... if there was something you would like to see created into a print, what would it be?

In lolita we have many beautiful and fanciful prints to choose from, but there are many more types of things that could certainly be made into a print fit for lolita, or even some existing themes that could be reimagined.  Is there something you have been wanting to see made into a new lolita print?

If so, please tell me what it is in the comments section below!

Lolita has been rekindling in me a passion for art that I've been without for several years now, and I'd like to see if all of you wonderful ladies and gentlemen can provide me with some more inspiration to work with, in a way that won't impugn on existing designs :)
Tags: community: market research, community: research/essays/projects, community: surveys/polls/questionnaires, discussion: prints, media: design, request: information, request: inspiration
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