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The Snow Field and Haenuli convention schedule for March - August 2013


The Snow Field is now officially a sister brand to Haenuli and will be working together on future projects.
Currently, both Haenuli & The Snow Field will be attending a variety of conventions in US, France and UK!
Please come see us if you happen to be at one of these conventions!

March 3~7th : Momocon - Atlanta, GA
- Pre-sale for Haenuli's Royal Kitten series skirt and The Snow Field Wolf in frame series skirt(collaboration of Haenuli)
- Haenuli's hand picked princess style casual dresses from Korea
- The Snow Field  The Librarian series,
original printing T shirts,
- Essential lolita accessories including petticoat, head items, bags and more
-  Have fun with us

April 13th :  Salvage - Atlanta, GA (The Snow Field only)

May 17-19th : Xcon - Myrtle Beach, SC (Haenuli will also be part of the fashion show)

June 7-9th : Heroes Con - Charlotte, NC (Come see the geeky side of The Snow Field)

July 7th : Convention Lolita - France (Will be showcased as guest star)

August 31th : The Tea Party Club presents: FROCK ON! - United Kingdom

.......and more in 2013!

Further schedule changes will be announced as they become confirmed,
please try to find us on facebook to keep more up to date on various news!

We look forward to meeting you there!

* Haenuli Royal kitten series and The Snow Field Wolf in frame series will be release in March.
At Momocon we will pre sale limited numbers of both printing skirts before official reservation open.
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