whatsgoingonugh (whatsgoingonugh) wrote in egl,

Buyer cancelled my invoice and blocked me?

Maybe it's a misunderstanding, but I don't think so. I can't get into contact with the girl. I'm blocked from her LJ I think (I can't send messages and she has nothing to comment on) and she ignores the Emails I send her. A few days ago I invoiced this girl. The communication was off because she took several days to respond, but finally she sent me her Paypal address and said it was alright if I invoiced her. A few days ago, I invoiced her. I checked my Paypal this morning and it says "Invoice Cancelled." I received an Email notification saying it was cancelled from Paypal as well. I made a post on the EGL sales and she PM'ed me, so again, I have nothing to comment on.
This girl has 100+ positive feedback on eglfeedbacks. I don't know what to do or why she is ignoring me. I'd feel bad if I left her neutral/negative feedback without talking to her first, but I've never had a buyer 1.) Take so long with payment 2.) Cancel the invoice and/or block me. Every buyer I've ever had paid within 24 hours of notified me that they were sending it through their bank account, thus taking a few days. But this girl? No notification or anything. I PM'ed her after I received her Paypal address telling her that I invoiced her.

Advice? I just want to know wtf.
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