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22nd-Feb-2013 12:03 am - Questionable At Best
Alright, so I was shopping around thrift shops the other day to find something I could use as a base for a project I'm working on for my furniture.  I happened to spot some items that caught my eye and seeing the super low price I decided to buy them for giggles and put them on.  Please take into account the fact that I'm heavy and large chested, so nothing is going to look modest on me no matter how hard I try.  Also, sorry for the quality of the photo being a little blurred but my four year old took it seeing as I couldn't exactly fit myself into a picture while taking the picture myself.

My silly question is - is there anything I can do to make this outfit usable as a casual Lolita outfit?  I thought the skirt was really cute in person and I just wanted to try it out.  Even if no one can think of a way to use this in casual Lolita, I don't feel bad about wasting the money seeing as the top and skirt together were just $4 USD.  No petticoat is used in this picture, which one obviously would have helped a little.  I can sew, so feel free to give suggestions of add-ons / removal or anything that can save this outfit.

I am liking the input so far.  I'll post up some pictures of the clothing laid out flat as soon as possible.
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