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Seeking advice on how to save a dress

dressFor reference, this is the dress in the color way I am talking about


I recently purchased Starry Sky Mother Goose from Closet Child Japan, only to bring it home and find it had a small, brown stain on the back.
"No problem" I thought and I proceeded to clean it off with Forever New Stain remedy.
Of course things don't always go as planned. The dark black dye quickly began to merge with with the ivory and pink and now I'm stuck with blue tinged print on nearly the entire bottom back half of the dress.

* the photo looks WAY better than the print in real life. Here the color bleed isn't totally unsightly.

I've taken it to multiple cleaners who have all said nothing can be done and have even tried using an at home color run removed. Sadly, nothing has worked for me and I'm now stuck with a stained dress that I haven't even tried on.

*testing Carbona Color Run Remover. I placed it on a white towel after soaking it as instructed to see how much color would bleed.

I don't want to give up on the dress so I'm considering any options I might have left and have decided perhaps I'll alter the dress to remove the stained area and replace it with a bustle in a plain color

Here's where I need the advice of experienced lolitas who can coord like no one else.
Firstly, what do you say to my desperate attempt to make this disaster wearable? Do you think it will work and look good with this particular dress/print?

And, if I do go ahead and cut out the back to add a bustle, what color of fabric would you recommend?
Tags: garment: dresses, sewing: help/questions
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