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Yesterday I did a heap of ironing, and while I was doing it I realised that ironing puffy sleeves is a nightmare. I hardly do the ironing anyway as it's something my mum does, I tend to do other things around the house. We used to have a sleeve board but my mum threw it away. I've also heard of a technique of putting a thick piece of card that is cut to the shape of the sleeve and then inserted so it keeps the shape of the sleeve and it doesn't bunch up. I don't have much thick cardboard around my house though...
How do you iron your sleeves?

A while ago I purchased Bodyline's L114 blouse. While I like it, the lace on the sleeves really bugs me, as it keeps doing this:

Does anybody have any advice on what to do? I've tried starching it, hair-spraying it, ironed it. No technique I've tried has been able to keep this flimsy lace up.
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