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Advice on Leaving Lolita

Hi girls (and guys?),
I'm sure there are some threads about this already but we all know how well the livejournal search engine works and so far I haven't found the kind of advice I'm hoping for so please be kind.
I need some advice about leaving Lolita. I'm 19 now and I started getting into Lolita at about 15. I wore it occasionally until I was 17 and I have a nice little Wardrobe of mainly Angelic Pretty brand pieces. Being a student on a budget I appreciated every single item I bought and still love them. I used to spend hours on egl_sales hunting down my dream prints and hyperventilating once they arrived at my place. I haven't worn Lolita in more than 1.5 years though and I just don't see myself wearing it anymore. I still like the aesthetics but I don't get all excited about it anymore. I've been getting into 'regular' fashion and make-up and that's definitely what I see myself spending my money on in the future. So it's not really a question of leaving Lolita as in 'not wearing it anymore' because that's what I've been doing anyways. My problem is what to do with my wardrobe. All my Lolita clothes are very precious to me and I still love looking at them. It's just that they're completely useless to me, they're taking up lots of space and I could definitely use the money I could get by selling them otherwise. So, long story short, selling them would be the smartest option. I'm just afraid that I'll regret it, which is silly because I'm most likely not going to get back to Lolita Fashion (we are never ever ever ~ ... sorry ...  ). Also, I dread the moment I'm going to have to pack them up and say goodbye to them. I don't have any Lolita friends anymore whom I could sell them to, knowing they're still 'here'.
On the other hand, It's just so damn much money I could make by selling them ...
That's why I'm asking those of you who may have been in a similar situation (or those who haven't but still want to help) for advice. Alternatively, in the likely case that one exists, you could also give me a link to a similar thread ;)
Thanks for reading :)

edit: Thanks for all your sweet comments! I didn't expect so much feedback and found every single one helpful. Still haven't decided what to do though. I guess I'll start by selling the few items I don't love that much and then think about it again.
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