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7th-Feb-2013 10:24 am - LOL Milan**
well-behaved women never make history
During a moment of boredom I decided to see what trashiness Milan** had got up to lately--I'd heard (either here or on tumblr) they were now trying to position themselves as taobao resellers. Their site is indeed now full of taobao dresses. They are now claiming to be an authorised HMHM reseller (wat) but the HMHM stuff they have for sale is marked up $20-30 more than the same stuff elsewhere, for example:

vs the same skirt on this page:

I thought the draw of Milanot to the clue-deprived was that they were cheap? I don't even.

(One of my major good deeds last year was saving a co-worker's daughter from her mother's BRILLIANT PLAN to save $$$ on her prom dress.)

Apparently, Milan** can't even manage to reform themselves without scamming people, only now it's getting them to spend $20-$30 more on taobao dresses. If they even are those brands. I mean how low do you have to go to rip off taobao shops that are cheap to begin with, but would you really put it past them?
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