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Review: Flora petticoat (Ebay shop - teresashine)

This is my first post to the community and I decided to start with something useful. :D

First the link if anyone is interested in buying this petticoat.

For a 15.00 Pound petticoat I'm more than happy with it. I ordered 3 petticoats as I was worried there wouldn't be a lot of fluff in them.

The shipping was fast. It arrived in 5 days (from UK to Croatia) and the package was not opened. Every petticoat came packed in a clear PVC bag.
They do come squished and can't be worn straight out of the package.


I had best results with steaming the petticoat. No ironing, just floating over the petti.
It is a two layer petti with one stiff layer and one soft. It looks like both fabrics used are the same type. Both are of a kind of a knit. The soft part has a tiny bit of stretch to it and the stiff part has none. On the site the fabric is described as Nylon MESH ORGANDY. I didn't notice scratching while worn so that is good. While worn the stiff part does rustle a bit but only I notice it.

3 tiers per layers with no finishing on the edges but it doesn't fray. I didn't find any holes in the connection seams. There are a few loose threads here and there but nothing that can't be simply be cut of with a pair of scissors. The waist is gathered on a piece of elastic(1 cm wide). It is not very pretty thou.

Minimum waist is 60cm with maximum of 100cm. Length from waist to the bottom edge is 43cm.
They carry a longer version that looks like it can be modified at the waist part to get the perfect length for longer styles and taller girls.

Here is the Flora petti worn with a fully lined heavy velvet JSK (handmade by me :D) in versions: 2 pettis, 1 petti and no petti to demonstrate the shape and fullness while worn.

worn petti

I wear my petti/s around 3cm under my natural waist line to avoid bulk on the waist line (remember, it is just a piece of elastic). The JSK is 53cm long from waist to bottom edge and there is no peeking out of the petti. It carries the heavy fabric very well.

In conclusion I would say it is a very affordable petticoat with nice results. It is not perfect (the waist could be finished better) but it will give you a really nice amount of fluff. If it deflates a bit you can pump it back up with steaming making it last longer. 
Worn pictures are taken about 2 months after I received my petticoats and I wear them 1-2 a week.

That's all folks! I hope this information was useful and will be of help to you in your petticoat hunt.

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