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Review: Lisa's Japan Shopping Service

Hi, I have for you a review about isa's Japan Shopping Service It was my first time ordering from her. But I ordered from SSs befores.

She has a Facebook Group shopping service. Here you can post your wishlist and find info about her ss.

I asked her to bid on a Wonder Story set(jsk + headbow) from Mbok.
I paid her , she bid on it , but when I was away the bid got over my max bid. She overbid it , by paying it for me.
I send her the difference later that day.

I found a Cinema Doll JSK on Closet Child in stores website.
I did not paid her in time.So she got it to put on hold for her. A week after she got it for me.
Later on she found the matching headbow in stores. on my request

I wanted to get Memorial cake JSK , that was on CC, but was not in time to get it. She found a set(jsk + headbow) in stores. 
I paid her and she got it the next day.

Price/fees: I find her very cheap with her fees. Online shopping: 5% or 500 yen, whichever is greater, per item/seller/store.
In-store shopping (Yokohama): 10% or 1000 yen, whichever is greater
In-store shopping (Tokyo): 7% or 700 yen, whichever is greater, PLUS a NONREFUNDABLE 1500 yen transportation fee.
Communication: 5/5 Lisa is very fast when it comes to responding. She replies within 24 hours. She will think along with you with your wishes. Also she likes to chat with you from time to time :)

Shipping: 5/5 She shipped it with EMS, it was shipped the 27th o January nd received t today(6 fabruari)

The package arrived in 10 days from the shipping date. So no delays or long wait in customs.
I asked her to mark down the package, she was willing to agree


Packaging: 5/5 The dresses and headbows was in bags and plastic covers.

Overall: Super Positive. I find her fees cheap and she is very reliable. I even got 2 gifts from her! I love my little Alpacasso!


I will definitely going to order from her again.

Thanks for reading.If I hav forgotten omething or you want to know something just ask.
I hope you enjoyed my review.
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