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Penpals? And Canadian Lolis? 
5th-Feb-2013 11:35 am

Hi! sorry you've been seeing my face so often >.<

I did ask a couple years ago about lolitas in Canada, I looked as best I could through the archive, but couldn't find anything recent. Are there still active lolitas in Canada? Maybe some in British Columbia, where I am? I've seen a lot of the communities got moved to facebook, but I didn't see anything for anywhere other than Toronto.

Elsewise, I tried to look for penpal groups and didn't see any! Would anyone be looking for a penpal? I really would love to talk to some of you lovelies, and have someone to talk to about lolita since I have no one here haha. Plus, I have lovely rose stationary I would love to use ^.^

Thanks, and I'm sorry I keep coming up on here aahaha

5th-Feb-2013 07:41 pm (UTC)
I can't tell you much about the Canadian lolita groups, but I'd be up for a penpal. Not sure how many others would be, but I think penpals are pretty neat!
5th-Feb-2013 07:44 pm (UTC)
There's a community on LJ just for people who are looking for penpals =).
Maybe you could post on it to find some !
5th-Feb-2013 07:48 pm (UTC)
There is? Is it a lolita community or just a general penpal community?
5th-Feb-2013 07:50 pm (UTC)
Any interest in a penpal from the other side of the country (Quebec)? You can PM me if you're interested!
5th-Feb-2013 10:59 pm (UTC)
Quebec here.
5th-Feb-2013 08:11 pm (UTC)
I'm from belgium and I love to write :)
pm me and I'll send over my adress and you can start writing :) <3
5th-Feb-2013 08:16 pm (UTC)
Hi! I am a Canadian Lolita too. ^-^ Here in Montreal, the community is still active, but most of us moved to Facebook.
5th-Feb-2013 08:46 pm (UTC)
i am in saskatchewan - far away but here i am *waves*
5th-Feb-2013 09:23 pm (UTC)
haha hi! I have family in Saskatchewan, which part are you in? =]
5th-Feb-2013 09:40 pm (UTC)
Lolita in Edmonton right here~ We've got a tiny little community going now! I want to say BC has quite a few lolis in Vancouver, but I could be wrong.
6th-Feb-2013 05:45 pm (UTC)
I'm also in Edmonton! Are you in the Facebook group? :D
5th-Feb-2013 10:00 pm (UTC)
There's a master list of lolita communities which should help you locate other lolitas across Canada (under the "Area specific" section)

Many communities have moderated membership and often, most of the activity around organizing meets, etc has moved to facebook, but it's still a good gateway to connecting with lolitas in your area!
5th-Feb-2013 10:34 pm (UTC)
I'm a Canadian (new) lolita living in the Greater Toronto Area in Ontario.
I have yet to join the community but I'm really looking forward to meeting other lolitas in my area. :')
6th-Feb-2013 10:03 pm (UTC)
Where in the GTA? I'm from Brampton :)
5th-Feb-2013 10:45 pm (UTC)
You're in British Columbia? Haha, I am literally as far away from you as Canadian-ly possible. I'm a Newfoundland lolita! We're a small community but we're growing slowly! We even have a meet on saturday :3 We're all on facebook so it'd be a good idea to search your own city for a lolita group - you never know what you'll find.
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6th-Feb-2013 02:18 am (UTC)
Southern Albertan lolita here! I'm in Lethbridge but my core group has spread out to Victoria and Whitehorse ;___; Would love to make new friends!
6th-Feb-2013 03:47 am (UTC)
I live in Vancouver! :) I haven't joined the local community yet since I'm working on my wardrobe.. (and because I'm a little shy ;-; they never accepted my request to join on Facebook either.. maybe that'll change once I actually show my face at a meetup xD)
6th-Feb-2013 07:03 pm (UTC)
awwe! I don't even know the name of the group >.< I'm in Nanaimo on Vancouver Island haha
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6th-Feb-2013 05:47 pm (UTC)
What city are you in? I'm in Edmonton and our community has been decently active lately :)
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6th-Feb-2013 05:41 pm (UTC)
Where exactly in BC are you located? From what I know, the Vancouver community is rather active. If you live on the island, the largest community would most likely be the Victoria community (where I am,) though it's much slower and we rarely have meetups. Unfortunately Western Canada has a much slimmer lolita population, so it's quite possible if you live in a small town that there might be no comm at all. ): I know that was the case for me before I moved here.
6th-Feb-2013 07:05 pm (UTC)
I live in Nanaimo, I know there's no community here haha. I think there was one or two a year ago, but I don't think so anymore. I'd love to come to Victoria for a meet, it would be easier for me than taking a ferry and a cab in Vancouver haha. Or driving over, that's expensive >.
6th-Feb-2013 05:49 pm (UTC)
I'm Canadian, but I'm in Edmonton, Alberta, not in BC ><~
I do think it would be cool to try to do a western Canada meet in the spring/summer. Hopefully there'd be enough interest and people actually willing to drive. I dunno how such long-distance meets work ><~
6th-Feb-2013 07:05 pm (UTC)
I'm not sure, but it would be cool! I don't get to leave BC often haha.
I'm going to saskatchewan in July if all goes well, so i'm sure I could make a drive to Edmonton if all the Albie and Saskie lolis would congregate in Edmonton =3
13th-Feb-2013 08:41 pm (UTC)
I'm in Vancouver~ My friend from Toronto mentioned that the lolita community on the west coast is a lot less active than the east. I can't say much for Vancouver Island but we generally have meetups around once a month? Most of us are on FB now, actually, I don't think many of us still use LJ as a local community.
17th-Feb-2013 12:04 pm (UTC)
yes there is a Lolita group for victoria on FB. I am hoping to be added to that group soon :) (Im trying to move to Victoria in next couple of years! fingers crossed. Ill be south island though,)
20th-Feb-2013 11:55 pm (UTC)
Oh, what's it called??
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