Mikiri Akasha (mikiriakasha) wrote in egl,
Mikiri Akasha

Penpals? And Canadian Lolis?

Hi! sorry you've been seeing my face so often >.<

I did ask a couple years ago about lolitas in Canada, I looked as best I could through the archive, but couldn't find anything recent. Are there still active lolitas in Canada? Maybe some in British Columbia, where I am? I've seen a lot of the communities got moved to facebook, but I didn't see anything for anywhere other than Toronto.

Elsewise, I tried to look for penpal groups and didn't see any! Would anyone be looking for a penpal? I really would love to talk to some of you lovelies, and have someone to talk to about lolita since I have no one here haha. Plus, I have lovely rose stationary I would love to use ^.^

Thanks, and I'm sorry I keep coming up on here aahaha

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