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Our Gabal Spice Shopping Service will be holding an event at Katsucon for all the lolitas attending.


We will be handing out business cards to all the lolitas we see at Katsucon.
Each card has a special written number on the back.

We will be announcing 4 winners on February 17th at 12PM our facebook page. Winners will need to send us a picture of the back of their business cards as verification. Each card is different, so there won't be problems of duplicated. :)

The winners will receive a free Prima-H Quality Gabalnara wig from what we have in stock. :)

Are there any planned lolita meet-ups for Katsucon this year? If so, please let us know so we can give all lolita's the first chance to win. :)


Are lolitas interested in Hair Chalks/Tints?

Gabalnara recently added these products to their website and as a Shopping Service, we're wondering if the lolita community would be interested in these products?


These wash out simple with warm water and soap. It can be used on both wigs and human hair.
They are just applied to the hair and stay on with normal hair spray or flat ironed on.

Please feel free to let us know you opinions on the matter. ^^
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