Minishiro (shiro_o) wrote in egl,

Innocent World stock problems?

A while ago, at the beginning of IW's sales, I placed an order with two friends. I ordered their Mary Rose skirt in sax × beige. It was on Friday, January 18th. I got a message from them on the 24th (the following Thursday), telling me they would have it shipped from their warehouse and it would arrive the next week. A little more than a week later, which is today on Feb 4th, they tell me they don't have it in stock in the end and they invoice me for the two dresses we ordered.

Is this common practice from IW? Because I find it totally unprofessional to tell a customer that their item is in stock and then, well it's not. And it's still not marked as sold-out on their website, that is to say.

(They offered me to order something else instead but my heart was really set on that skirt and it will probably resell for more than the sale price so I won't be able to get it, plus it kinda was my Christmas-and-birthday-from-me-to-me gift so it's kind of deceiving.)
Tags: *innocent world, ordering: misc questions
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