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Innocent World stock problems? 
4th-Feb-2013 06:26 am

A while ago, at the beginning of IW's sales, I placed an order with two friends. I ordered their Mary Rose skirt in sax × beige. It was on Friday, January 18th. I got a message from them on the 24th (the following Thursday), telling me they would have it shipped from their warehouse and it would arrive the next week. A little more than a week later, which is today on Feb 4th, they tell me they don't have it in stock in the end and they invoice me for the two dresses we ordered.

Is this common practice from IW? Because I find it totally unprofessional to tell a customer that their item is in stock and then, well it's not. And it's still not marked as sold-out on their website, that is to say.

(They offered me to order something else instead but my heart was really set on that skirt and it will probably resell for more than the sale price so I won't be able to get it, plus it kinda was my Christmas-and-birthday-from-me-to-me gift so it's kind of deceiving.)
4th-Feb-2013 01:19 pm (UTC)
Yeah, sometimes IW takes a few days to respond which could mean your item is sold out by then ...
I had that happen to me when i ordered a pair of socks, its not uncommon i dont think.... very disappointing
Another time I ordered a bolero but they told me it was sold out, but on the website it didnt indicate so; for the hell of it i ordered that same bolero again and was able to get it, which
i thought was weird because previously they said it was sold out....
Sorry that happened to you :/
4th-Feb-2013 02:33 pm (UTC)
Well it isn't just that it's sold out; they told me they would get it shipped from the warehouse and receive it within a week. They then told me that it was sold out. That's the thing.
4th-Feb-2013 02:05 pm (UTC)
They don't physically have all the stock there at the office, so it could be that on their books, it said there was one in the warehouse, and then they told the warehouse to send it, and the warehouse couldn't find it. Their inventory is probably still kept by hand (as opposed to an automated system with bar codes where the cash register subtracts from a central database when an item is sold), so it's very possible that someone just made a mistake and miscounted, or missed recording one being sent somewhere. I'm sorry that happened; it sounds very frustrating.

As for the website stock... that's also done by hand, so the person in charge of updating the site might not have gotten to it yet; I think they have been really busy on the international side at least.
4th-Feb-2013 02:39 pm (UTC)
Yes, frustrating it is. I've been wanting that skirt for quite long and managed to save up for it during winter break. Now I have the money but nothing to spend it on since I really wanted to get something new from the shop. :/

I know that mistakes can happen but I thought Innocent World was more professional than this. I heard several times people saying there was a delay because they didn't have the item in hand and it is perfectly understandable, but now because of how long it took (11 days), everything I like is sold-out.
4th-Feb-2013 03:22 pm (UTC)
Currently I'm waiting for my order from Innocent World too, and I have very similar problem. I ordered several things, inter alia a JSK and a blouse that are already marked as 'sold out' on their site, but the order was supposedly accepted. Still, I had some troubles with Paypal and my payment has been delayed a little bit, however, my order was invoiced eventually, so I suppose it should be alright. But now, I'm waiting more than 2 weeks with no message, no information. After reading your note, I'm really afraid that it happened to me as well... I'm looking forward to message from Innocent World, hoping that the things won't turn out as in your case. :( Sadly, it might be very possible...
4th-Feb-2013 05:33 pm (UTC)
Innocent World are usually fast at shipping things; it might be possible that your order was already shipped but they forgot to tell you? Contacting them is your best bet I guess.
4th-Feb-2013 05:55 pm (UTC)
I hope that your supposition is true, but at the same moment I doubt it because of certain reasons. We'll see, I believe there will be everything okay with your order as well, and Innocent World just made a mistake.
7th-Feb-2013 07:44 am (UTC)
I'm in the same boat. I was invoiced, and paid, but now I'm waiting to hear from them...
8th-Feb-2013 05:01 pm (UTC)
I suppose you don't have to worry, they're just being slow with shipping orders for sure. Today my order has been shipped, thank goodness! Now I'm just (excitedly!) waiting for it to arrive.
4th-Feb-2013 04:39 pm (UTC)
That sucks! I had a similar issue (which is only due to my indecision) - was trying to buy an Excentrique jacket for my bf's birthday. Looked at it for a month while it was on sale. Put the money into my account to make the order today, and they took the sale down... T-T

But as far as IW goes, that is quite common. I order through ODIP since they do batch orders and local shipping, and twice I've ordered headbows/socks and paid, and then been told they were out of stock. Whether that's the same issue you're having or simply a delay on ODIP's side is another thing.
4th-Feb-2013 05:21 pm (UTC)
No delay on my side; I didn't have time to delay anything due to the volume orders I was taking and I have many tasks I need to complete each day so it is in my best interest to file everything asap. There are different stock levels for different items and while one item may have 300 pieces in stock, another may have 10. If my order isn't in the first 10/300 I'm not going to be allocated it as it is first come, first served although I may get an allocation if someone fails to pay their invoice.

There are 1) delays with the warehouse due to the overall volume of orders and 2) please remember there is only one English speaking customer service assistant who works part time (although it seems like full time since I have been receiving emails from home lately). You're always welcome to ask me directly; you have me on Facebook.
4th-Feb-2013 05:38 pm (UTC)
I ordered directly via the order form on the website and set the rest via email, so there's no intermediate, which might be why the items were said to be sold-out after you paid.
4th-Feb-2013 05:43 pm (UTC)
Not correct, fortunately.
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