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31st-Jan-2013 10:10 pm - Loresandpenates Wardrobe

Hello EGL,

This is my first time contributing to the yearly wardrobe posts. I am mainly interested in otome-kei and classic pieces, but I do enjoy the occasional sweet. My collection has been sitting in a suitcase for over a month as I had been overseas and we'd just moved house, so apologies in advance for some of the more wrinkled items ;-) 


Emily Temple Cute

Antique Jewelry JSK

Pippi Longstocking Print JSK

Note Poodle Print JSK

Falling Alice JSK

Cupcake Print JSK


Cruise Print JSK. The print is fantastic, unfortunately my photography isn't doing it justice.

Innocent World

Antique Book JSK (long version)

Little Rose OP

Melissa JSK

Jane Marple

Dream dress! Logo Print JSK & socks - just need the matching bag and jewelry now. 

Victorian Frames OP

Juliette et Justine

Star Money OP

La fête d Saint-Valentin

Angelic Pretty

Moon Night Theater Tiered JSK

Royal Chocolate Low Waist JSK. Size L is too big for me so I'll either need to try to trade for a smaller size, or to get it altered. 

Mary Magdalen

Angelica OP


Book of Deer (adorable illustrations!), Jane Marple, Jane Marple

Top row: Gmarket, Vintage, Offbrand, Offbrand
Bottom row: AP, Beth, IW, Meta, IW


ETC, IW and Atelier Boz


Victorian Maiden


Amazing jacket from the 40s (I also collect some clothing from the 40-60s), vintage and offbrand.



AATP giant cat scarf, the rest is vintage or ebay


My more "interesting" cardigans. Offbrand top left, vintage top right, bottom is Shirley Temple and AP.


My very small brand sock collection. I'm tall so I wear boring tights more often as they tend to fit better. I'm going to buy Misty Sky someday... hopefully. 

Jewelry/Head wear

KumaCrafts necklace, Jane Marple Holy Water necklace, vintage/etsy/offbrand jewelry, and various hair pieces. 



IW and muchacha ahcahcum

In the Mail
Jane Marple Swan Embroidery Blouse (in mint)
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