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30th-Jan-2013 06:12 pm - Brand new lolita wardrobe! ^^ 2013
Hi everyone~! My closet is kinda small right now, but hopefully when I do this next year, I can look back and see how much it has grown.
I have such a small space for my lolita clothes. :( I keep my pettis bunched up in the Abercrombie bag so they stay poofy.
My JSKs! The black Baby one was my first piece of brand, and then here is Squirrel Birthday Party from Bodyline.
Secret Princess OP by AP. For some reason, the color is really off in this picture--it really is a true pink, not peachy color.
Skirts! Snow Dot by Baby, which I am going to sell soon. It was an impulse buy. :/ And then Chocoberry by Bodyline.
Indie brands! Milky Lavender Night skirt and headbow by Holley Tea Time. I am also going to sell this, because it is too small for me. The bats are so cute though! And then my newest addition, Pastel Galaxy by meltydreams. <3
My dream print, Melody Doll by AP.
My only blouses, black from IW and off-white from BL. I am planning on getting more, since I have so many dresses and skirts!
Shoes from SS and BL.
Accessories! Black Baby headbow, BL bows, faux fur stole from Goodwill, alpacasso bag, off white OTKs from BL, pink Girly Heart OTKs from AP, Dear Celine wristcuffs, and offbrand jewelry.

Coming in the mail is a black AP heart pocket cardigan. :3 I wish it would arrive sooner!

Thank you for looking, and hopefully my wardrobe will be so much cuter next year!
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