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30th-Jan-2013 03:14 pm - A few different questions
Breaking the nice train of wardrobe posts, I have a few questions that need some experienced advice. Here I go:

1. Has anyone bought/used wig fringes or winges? I bought a wig that was pictured with a side bang, but got a no-bangs wig instead. It's a bit too late to return so I though maybe getting a clip-on wig fringe to solve my dilema. Has anyone used them and/or can recommend places to buy them?

2. How do you flatten lace? A new vest I got has some thin lace that folded over in the package and I want to know how I could make it flat again.

3. What accessories would go well with sleeveless attire? For the same vest mentioned above, I really like how it looks without a blouse/sleeves underneath, but I feel like my arms are too bare. Not sure how to make up for it except arm warmers...

4. How does one go about making or finding jabots? What's the difference between a jabot and a cravat?

Thank you in advance for any comments or answers!
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