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30th-Jan-2013 08:51 pm - The small wardrobe of a sugaraddict

 photo rtgyh6-1_zps99b64e12.jpg

Soo, this is my first wardrobe post! I've been a lolita for about 4 years now, but started building my wardrobe for real 2011. So, because of that and the fact that I have no real income it's not really big yet. But I wanted to to a post anyway! I did not include offbrand clothing as it isn't that intresting.
I'm sorry that the pictures aren't of the highest quality, it's pretty dark up here in the winter haha. 

 photo wardrobepost-1_zps35ace904.jpg
My one and only OP, Angelic Pretty's Whip Magic. Also, my first brand piece.
 photo wardrobepost-2_zpse201c642.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Candy Treat and Bodyline's cake JSK.

 photo wardrobepost-3_zpsb4cf0a20.jpg
Bodyline's Candy skirt and Innocent World's Classical Chair. 

 photo wardrobepost-4_zpsb0979462.jpg
Cutsew from Bodyline and bolero from BTSSB. I've got another blouse but it's in the laundry.

 photo wardrobepost-6_zpsf4f4c0d6.jpg
From Ergi and handmade by girl in the local comm.

 photo wardrobepost-8_zps836151d0.jpg
Bodyline and H&M. Decided to not include my Dr Martens since they're a bit used...

 photo jackkiti-1_zps80152b67.jpg
Angelic Pretty's Dolly short coat. Just got this, so excited to wear it for the first time!


 photo wardrobepost-5_zps53668b07.jpg
Bodyline and Swimmer.

 photo wardrobepost-7_zps8271fad0.jpg
 photo wardrobepost-9_zps08303f07.jpg
What a mess... lots of indie brands like Cute can kill, Starchild by Saffron, Tanantii, some handmade by me and offbrand Socks and detachable stuff in the Baby bag.

Soooo, thanks for looking! It's small, but it's a decent wardrobe with everything I need. And as you can see 4/5 of the prints has sweets or other treats on them, I'm such a sugar addict I only wear clothes with sweets on them! 

Oh, and by the way! I also posted this, and of course other stuff, on my blog:
I'd be so happy if you'd check it out ♥ Cheers~

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