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30th-Jan-2013 09:55 am - ChibiChang's Closet Post, 2013
red hat

My closet doesn't really have a consistent theme.
I love color, especially blue, mint, and jewel tones.  And chocolate brown.
Here is my 2012 Closet Post

I apologize for the mixed quality of the photos.  My cat chewed on the USB cord for my camera, so I was able to upload most of the pictures thanks to a friend letting me borrow hers!  The rest were taken from my cell phone.

All Innocent World.  I found that with my petite frame, their blouses fit me the best.

Old Navy Kids (with added lace), Forever 21, Offbrand (belonged to my grandmother), and thrifted (also added lace)

Chiffon Blouses, all off brand

BPN, IW, Thrifted

AP Melty Chocolate Blouse (from a Swap Meet), IW (the dark blue blouse, from a Lucky Pack!), and MmM

~Cardigans & Boleros~
photo 1.3
Bodyline and Thrifted

photo 2.3
Offbrand, Thrifted, and Meta (>.< I'm sorry these look so wrinkly!)

photo 3.3
BPN Melty Cardigan, Forever 21 (with changed buttons and added lace trim)

Old School Meta, A&tP Vampire Requiem

Both Innocent World, Circus Print (not exact name of the print) and Chelsea

IW and BtSSB (sorry the photo is too bright) >.<

Handmade by me and the other is thrifted.

A&tP Night Fairy Fantasia, Bodyline


BtSSB Alice at the Fun Faire, AP Magical Etoile

I love mermaids!  ETC (not a skirt, but including it here), A&tP Melty Mermaid, AP Aqua Princess

~Jumper Skirts~
Bodyline (removed bows & added spade and club buttons)

AP Merry Making Party Set

All Meta: Candy Star Rabbit, Popping Balloon, and Fruit Punch

Meta Blooming Garden (my only OP) and BtSSB Chocolate Fairytale Fascinate

h.Naoto Frill, AP Dreaming Macaroon

Both Innocent World, Chocolat Classic & Luna Striped Halter

BtSSB Ekaterina(my first large brand purchase!) and AP Royal Chocolate

photo 14.3
Handmade by me... still working on it.

photo 18.3
Both Offbrand

photo 20.3
H&M Kids, Meta

photo 6.3
I thought I had too many socks, but it doesn't look too bad.
Meta, Meta, Meta, Meta, Secret Shop, Bodyline, Bodyline
MmM, A&tP, AP, AP, AP, Chantilly, Secret Shop

~Handbags & Accessories~
photo 8.3
Handmade gingerbread house bag by me in the center.
AP, Meta
Offbrand, A&tP,

photo 12.3
BtSSB Heart Bag (you can barely see it), BPN
AP Star Bag, Offbrand

photo 35.5
Offbrand parasol, Q-pot reversible tote with Q-pot necklace that I almost forgot to photograph
Both hats offbrand.

photo 7.3
My more interesting head-wear and AP wristcuffs.

photo 33.3
More head-wear and pins

photo 10.3
Bodyline, BtSSB, American Eagle, Vintage (from my grandmother), Melissa
Bodyline, Bodyline, AP, Offbrand
Bottom row is all offbrand.

photo 22.3
All offbrand except for the Meta locket necklace, AP Royal Chocolate Ring, BPN Ring, and h.Naoto butterfly necklace.
For necklaces, I use the same chain which is why the Rilakuma chocolate bar and the cameo aren't on one.

Not pictured: 2 casual shirts, 1 handmade skirt, bloomers, tights, and pettis because they're not that interesting.
Making this closet post makes me feel that I need to focus my wardrobe more and get more accessories!

Thank you for looking!

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