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29th-Jan-2013 11:03 pm - YuOfOwari's 2013 Wardrobe Post
It almost didn't happen, but I decided to do one
So my wardrobe is still really small, but I've been able to add a couple things over the past year. Hopefully I will be able to do even better in the coming year. 

First Up: The only OP I own.
 photo 100_4613_zps93093e84.jpg
It's Bodyline; I got it at a Super Awesome Sale in Harajuku a couple years ago.

Next up - JSKs
 photo 100_4614_zps65c22eb7.jpg
Right: Offbrand, a little short so I wear a super long petti with a nice lace trim under it, but I like the feel
Left: DOL. I bought this before the Replica debate exploded. I'm fairly happy with it, but I suppose it will be my last (/only). 

I forgot about this one:
 photo 100_4617_zpsada67a16.jpg
Actually, I got this a few years ago at UniQlo Japan in Tokyo. It was part of their "I love Milk" collaboration. I forgot to put it in my post last year. XD 

 photo 100_4630_zps7b5ae252.jpg
Left: Bodyline
Right: Handmade (not by me), bought on the comms. 
 photo 100_4628_zps67faf5d3.jpg
Both of these are handmade by me. 
 photo 100_4631_zpse9036b00.jpg
The apple of my eye - I just finished this skirt last weekend. I got the fabric off of etsy because it was similar to that of a bag my grandmother and I made together a couple years ago (see later pic: bags). I love carousel horses apparently...

 photo 100_4622_zps6ff84e05.jpg
Top: Handmade (not by me), Classical Puppets. Bottom: Bodyline
 photo 100_4619_zpsa6d3a6a6.jpg
Left: Bodyline. Right: Handmade by a friend of the family and given as a birthday present. :D

 photo 100_4615_zps1c6f2084.jpg
My two main coats. Left: Offbrand, Right: Bodyline
 photo 100_4616_zpsa68fc826.jpg
This I haven't had a chance to wear yet, but my mother passed it down to me and she got it from a great aunt. It feels wonderful. Now if only I could figure out what to wear it with... 
 photo 100_4620_zps0e6334a8.jpg
Boleros. Left: Clockwork Couture. Right: Bodyline
 photo 100_4621_zpsa196ad93.jpg
Just a couple cardigans. I love the mint one specially. The other is Banana Republic and is incredibly soft. 

 photo 100_4618_zps5e4370e1.jpg
I really need more blouses. The two white ones are Bodyline and the cream one is vintage via Etsy. 
 photo 100_4627_zps442475db.jpg
These are the only two Brand items I have, so I decided to put them together. :3 That's an Angelic Pretty cutsew and Baby the Stars Shine Bright hair combs. I am going to San Fran sometime around my birthday this year, so I am definitely going to the BtSSB shop and buying something. Literally, I will not get back on that plane unless I have. 

Okay, lets' try some 
Hair Accessories: 
 photo 100_4634_zpse46e2033.jpg

Wrist Accessories:
 photo 100_4635_zps673fee93.jpg
The lower ones I made myself. The bracelet is Liz Claiborne and I bought the pink/purple cuffs on the comms.

 photo 100_4639_zps2452fe36.jpg

 photo 100_4637_zps8135172e.jpg
 photo 100_4640_zps324452ca.jpg
I forgot to add this choker I made in the previous picture but was too lazy to retake it. 

 photo 100_4638_zpsd71f8887.jpg
I made the bottom two. By made, I mean I bent, glued and beaded them together. I don't make cameos or anything. 

 photo 100_4641_zpsd773739f.jpg

 photo 100_4626_zps5e314ea8.jpg
I made the two totes. The Beatrice Potter one I actually use more often as a way to carry about my needle point... >.>

 photo 100_4624_zpsce45f30f.jpg
Bought locally, here:

And lastly, shoes:
 photo 100_4623_zpsb5b197a8.jpg
Suffice to say, I need more shoes. The pink ones are Bodyline. 

Well actually, I would like to concentrate one getting more shoes, blouses, and I want to make a few more bloomers. Another one piece or two would be nice, too. Mostly, I really just want to make a lot of my own stuff. I'm not very good at sewing, but I love adding little details to whatever I make that make the piece just more "me". I want to buy some Brand, too, but I'm a huge Skill Building kind of person, so making my own pieces is what really drives me, I think. 

Well hopefully I will be able to show some stuff off next year and my wardrobe wont be quite so modest. 
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