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29th-Jan-2013 02:25 pm - Lolitable? -Be Gentle I'm New-ish-
Hi, my name is Mikiri ^.^ I've been in love with lolita for about 2 or 3 years now, and i'm ordering my first actual lolita OP this weekend.
I did however want an opinion on a dress I impulse-bought that seemed very lolitable to me, it was too fabulous to pass up upon finding it in person.
Would you mind lending your opinions on whether or not it would be considered lolita with the right co-ord?

lolita 001
lolita 002
lolita 007

Please excuse the selfies, flash, and blur, as well as my awkward pose.
I am planning on replacing the silly crinoline on the underskirt with a crushed velvet ruffle, so it adds some length and looks less icky. I hate when crinoline is exposed, so cheap!

Anyways, thoughts, criticism, advice? Thanks! <3
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