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Questions about sizing and names of some items...

Hi everyone,

I'm just looking for some information relating to sizing and item releases on a bunch of items. Any help is MUCH appreciated! And before anyone points it out, I have checked hellolace and lolibrary, but sometimes their measurements are wrong, or the item is not listed.

"Angelic Pretty" "Lace Up Lacy Turtleneck" Cutsew 2
'Angelic Pretty' 'Lace Up Lacy Turtleneck Cutsew'
~Is the max. waist measurement definitely 70cm?
~Is the fabric stretchy at all, and if so, is it likely to stretch a further 6cm?

"Angelic Pretty" "Rose Toilette" JSK
'Angelic Pretty' 'Rose Toilette' JSK
~What is the max. waist measurement? There is partial shirring at the back, so I'm presuming 70cm is the minimum waist.

"Angelic Pretty" "Twinkle Ornament" JSK
'Angelic Pretty' 'Twinkle Ornament' JSK
~Same as 'Rose Toilette'. What is the max. waist measurement with the partial back shirring?

"Baby, the Stars Shine Bright" "Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories" JSK I
'Baby, the Stars Shine Bright' 'Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories' JSK I
~Looking for anymore information and/or photos of this dress! According to hellolace, this is 'JSK I', indicating that there might be a 'JSK II'.
~Does anyone know the measurements of either JSK?
~Am I right in thinking it may have an alternate name to 'Dripping Lace Rococo Accessories'?

"Emily Temple Cute" Ballet Shoes
'Emily Temple Cute' ballet shoes
~Are these shoes available in size 22.5?
~Do they come in any other colour?

"Mary Magdalene" "..." JSK
'Mary Magdalene'
~What is the name of this 'Mary Magdalene' JSK?
~Does anyone know the measurements of it? (I apologize if this is on hellolace or lolibrary and I missed it).

"Mary Magdalene" "Braided High Waist" Skirt (with "Lady" print)"Mary Magdalene" "Braided High Waist" Skirt (with "Lady" print) 2
'Mary Magdalene' 'Braided High Waist' Skirt
~This skirt is supposedly called 'braided high waist'. Here is the original item page:, as you can see the skirt was released both in a plain version, and in a printed version known as 'Lady'.
~Was this 'Lady' print ever made into a JSK or OP?
~Does anyone have any photos of this item? I am in love with this print, but apart from appearing in fan_chan's wardrobe, I have never seen it outside of the original item page.

Thank you so much! As I said, any bit of help at all is very much appreciated!

Tags: *angelic pretty, *baby the stars shine bright, *emily temple cute, *mary magdalene, request: information, request: measurements, request: photos
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