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This is my third year participating in the wardrobe theme. I have been into lolita since 2008, so I have a fairly large collection. If ever you want to see any of these pieces coordinated, please visit my tumblr.

On with my wardrobe! 

Here is where I squeeze all my dresses and skirts.

On with my main pieces, organised by brands.

Mary Magdalene
This is by far my favourite brand. I have a soft spot for their older design as they fit me better and the general construction is near to perfect.

Ekaterina Onepiece

Antoinette Fleur (first edition) - This was my dream dress, and I search for it during almost 2 years. I finally found it on a Closet Child blog and asked my shopping service to get it. A couple of months later, Mary Magdalene released the second edition, and I felt all these efforts had been for nothing. However, I am happy with this peach colour that does not exist in the rerelease. :)

Bertille Onepiece (first edition) - This was my first Mary Magdalene dress and the beginning of my obsession.

Copine Georgette Jumperskirt

Mary-Lise Jumperskirt

Claudette Onepiece

Cordelia Puffed Sleeves Onepiece - Another of my long sought-after dresses! It is made of sparkling wool. <3

Lizbeth Jumperskirt - another wool dress!

Morgane Onepiece (first edition) - wonderful corduroy dress!

Petit Bouquet Onepiece

Valeria Jumperskirt - There is funny story behind this dress. A girl from my community was transitioning from sweet to classic lolita, and bought this dress on Japanese auctions. At the same moment, I was buying a MM skirt on the auctions as well, with the help of the same shopping service as the other girl. When I received my package, the SS had put the detachable bows of the other girl's dress with my order. Turns out the dress did not fit her, and since we had to meet to reunite the bows with the dress, I bought it from her!

Emmanuelle Skirt

Braided High Waist Skirt

Unknown name pencil skirt

Emmanuelle Frill Jacket

Amandine Short Coat and Innocent World earmuffs

Gabriella Coat with Zara scarf and vintage gloves

Alice and the Pirates

Hymn Long Jumperskirt

Stained Glass Jumperskirt

Versailles Rose Jumperskirt (first edition)


Tulle Rose Onepiece

Small Flower Embroidery Onepiece

Innocent World

Rasiel Onepiece - without any doubts my most versatile and worn dress.

Little Dot Onepiece

Antique Book Long Skirt

Felicia Crown Skirt

Juliette et Justine
I went mad for Juliette et Justine this year!

Féérie Jumperskirt

Murmure de l'ange Onepiece

Victorian Famille Jumperskirt

Amour d'amants skirt

Le monde de l'ange skirt

La jupe du chateau skirt

Unknown name skirt

Atelier Pierrot

My only Atelier Pierrot dress: this floral corset dress

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
I used to own more from Baby, but end up selling most of it. 

Marie-Antoinette Onepiece

Swan Lake skirt - My favourite ballet of all time!

Victorian Maiden
I only own skirts from VM; maybe I should start to look at their dresses.

Rococo Bouquet Mermaid Skirt

Classical Bouquet Skirt

Métamorphose, Temps de fille
Just like for VM, I only own skirts from Meta.

Swan Embroidery skirt - yes, I love swans. <3

Alphabet Long Skirt


Vintage dress found in a vintage boutique in Montreal.

Vintage Sailor Onepiece

Dress from the 80's that used to belong to my mother in her young years.

Indie and other

HMHM Chandelier jumperskirt

Baroquepetrock The Swing long skirt

Bodyline floral skirt

Offbrand (Boutique 1861) skirt also used as an underskirt

That's it for the main pieces, let's continue with the rest.

Here is where I store my tops, tights, socks, underwear and accessories. My boyfriend keeps his clothes in the drawer on the left.

Tops, cutsews, knits, cardigans and boleros

Both Mary Magdalene

Both Innocent World

All Innocent World

Both Liz Lisa

My Axes Femme tops collection (plus one onepiece that can also be used as a top)

Some brand cutsews: Clockwise - Innocent World, Alice and the Pirates, Métamorphose and Baby

My blacks (I do not wear much black, as you see): Clockwise - Offbrand, Sirens, Forever 21 and Alice Moon

Knits: Left to right, top to bottom - Offbrand, Knit & Co, Nevada, Knit & Co, Boutique 1861, T<3M, Vero Moda, Vintage and Betsey Johnson

Some cotton blouses and cutsews: Left to right, top to bottom - Anna House, offbrand, Ralph Lauren, Anna House, offbrand, Boutique 1861

Chiffon blouses (that I prefer over cotton blouses!): Left to right, top to bottom - Ezra (Boutique 1861), Freeway (Boutique 1861), Mayuki (Taobao), Taobao, Heather, Miss Patina (Boutique 1861), Forever 21, Free People, Kuney (Boutique 1861), Leap Lippin (Takeshita doori), Offbrand (Takeshita doori) and Abound (Boutique 1861)

Accessories, shoes, socks, tights and misc!

Clockwise: Axes Femme, offbrand and Axes Femme

Hair accessories (some Innocent World and Victorian Maiden, but most is vintage or offbrand)

Left to right, top to bottom: Grimoire tote, Innocent World tote, Axes Femme, Colori (Takeshita doori), Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, Innocent World, Vintage, Axes Femme, offrand and Meta wallet

Clockwise : Handmade (by me) bonnet, Triple Fortune bonnet, vintage hat, Nine West sun hat, offbrand fascinator, handmade bonnet and handmade bell hat

Belts - I wear belts with a lot of my dresses and skirts as most of them are too big at the waist.
Long belts: Ardène, flower belts: offbrand, brown and black belt on left : Axes Femme, the rest is offbrand (Taobao)

Jewellery - most is vintage

Tights and socks (part one) - I really love tights, and I will only show half of my collection here (the most interesting ones).
Celeste Stein, TsuTsu, Innocent World, Anna Sui and various other brands

Part 2: All Grimoire except the 2 cat tattoo tights and the Alice in Wonderland tattoo tight which are from taobao

And last but not least : shoes!
Left to right, top to bottom: John Fluevog, Sperry, Cobb Hill, Clarks, Innocent World, John Fluevog, Eurostep, Anna Sui x Hush Puppies, Taobao (Lovely Shoes) x 3, Bandolino, Naturalizer, Taobao (Lovely Shoes) x 4, Bodyline and Vivienne Westwood x Melissa

Done! Wow, that took so long. I hope you enjoyed it!

Edit: Oh, I had so many pictures that I forgot to add this one, hahaha.

Parasol: Alice and the Pirates, wrist ties: Belle Bête, lace collar: Boutique 1861, lace gloves: Victorian Maiden, bikini: Juicy Couture, pink sunglasses: offbrand, glasses in case: Juicy Couture
Tags: *alice and the pirates, *anna house, *atelier pierrot, *baby the stars shine bright, *baroquepetrock, *hmhm, *innocent world, *juliette et justine, *mary magdalene, *metamorphose, *moi meme moitie, *victorian maiden, community: wardrobe post, theme: january
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