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anairalin's Wardrobe Post 2013

Hi everyone~ I think this is probably my first egl post. I've been buying lolita for a bit over a year now, so my wardrobe isn't that big or impressive. But I really do love all the pieces in it :)
I thought I'd do it in coordinate form instead of individual items to make it a little more interesting. I hope you enjoy!

JSKs and OP:
Let's start with my favourite two dresses:
Clockwork Tea Party Lumiere
JSK, Blouse, Headdress, Tights: BtSSB                       JSK, Headdress: BtSSB
Purse, Shoes: My mother's wedding accessories        Blouse: HMHM
                                                                                    Socks: Chantilly

Alice Chess JSK                                                       Milky Way JSK
JSK: BtSSB                                                              JSK: BtSSB
Headdress: Innocent World                                     Headdress: Innocent World
                                                                                Cardigan: Forever 21

Charles Crown Long JSK                                         Missing Letter Keys and Rabbit OP
JSK: Innocent World                                                JSK, Beret: Baroque
Blouse: BtSSB                                                         Purse: BtSSB
Headdress: Handmade                                            Socks: Innocent World
Shoes: Secret Shop

My newest three JSKs, so no coordinates yet:
Surface Spell Shadow and Void's                            Krad Lanrete Mozarabic Chant Long JSK
      Dream-Devouring Book JSK

R-Series Odette Mansion
Included a shot of the back as well because it's so cute. There are two sets of waist ties though so tying it was a little confusing.

Skirt: Handmade                                                      Skirt, Blouse: Innocent World
Blouse: White Moon                                                 Purse: BtSSB
Purse: Angelic Pretty                                               Shoes: Secret Shop
Socks, Flowers: Bodyline

                                                                                 Rabbit Letter Skirt
Skirt: HMHM                                                              Skirt, Bag, Socks: Innocent World
Blouse: Innocent World                                             Shoes: Secret Shop
Purse: BtSSB                                                            Sweater, Headband: Forever 21
Headdress: Handmade
Fawn Collar: Handmade by local girl
Shoes: Secret Shop

                                                                                Chocoberry Skirt
Skirt, Apron: Handmade                                          Skirt: Bodyline
Blouse: White Moon                                                Blouse: White Moon
Purse: Gift from the Lake District                            Shoes: Secret Shop

OP: Emily Temple Cute                                             OP: Dolly Berry
Shoes: Melissa                                                         Shoes: Melissa
                                                                                 Purse: Angelic Pretty

Socks, Tights and Petticoats:
I'm missing one pair of the harlequin socks here in white x gold because they were in the wash.

I didn't want to take individual shots so here's one of the area I store my jewelry (and purses). Feel free to ask about anything you see!

Waiting on:

My goals for the next year are to buy some more blouses and boleros in different colours, as well as some more shoes (which have been ordered). I also want to stop buying so many JSKs and focus more on getting more wearable clothing, like ETC and Jane Marple.
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