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Hello all! My university does an on-campus convention every year, and I have volunteered to do one on lolita fashion (and I think I might tie in Fairy Kei and Mori girl if time allows). I wanted to ask the advice of my fellow lolitas on what to cover and for how long. Here are my questions:

1.) How long should I request? Panels must be either 20, 50, or 80 minutes long.
2.) What should be covered? Just a lolita 101 with the basics of silhouette and the anatomy of a coord, or background and history? (This has never been done at my school before)
3.) How should it be presented? By powerpoint, lecture, etc? I plan to wear a full coord so I can be an example as well.
4.) How many types of lolita should be covered? The basics (sweet, gothic, classic) or the subsets as well?

Any other advice would be appreciated, I really hope to get people at my school interested in the fashion!
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