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27th-Jan-2013 03:38 pm - elyuu 2013 wardrobe post ♥
ciel phantomhive

I only started really getting into lolita last year and slowly buying with a limited budget, so my wardrobe is not as large as a lot of others' in the community, but I really love everything I own!

(left to right) Alice and the Pirates, Alice and the Pirates, Victorian Maiden, Infanta

(left to right) R-Series, h.Naoto frill, h.Naoto frill

all offbrand
I have a lot of other offbrand blazers and vests that I use for kodona and everyday wear, these are just some of them.

(left to right) Dear Celine, offbrand

(clockwise) top left:offbrand, HMHM, offbrand, Ralph Lauren
Again, I have a lot of offbrand blouses that work for lolita as well...I need some more colour in my wardrobe though...

(clockwise) top left: offbrand, offbrand, Chantilly, offbrand, Angelic Pretty, Alice and the Pirates

parasol: Lumiebre, book bag: Taobao offbrand, boots: Bodyline, shoes: Innocent World

all offbrand, black flower hair accessory + rose hair comb handmade

all offbrand

beret from Baby the Stars Shine Bright, everything else offbrand

all offbrand
I have a thing for pocketwatches, I can't seem to stop collecting them *O*

In the mail:

Infanta, vest & shorts set (in black)

That's it! Thank you for looking!

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