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27th-Jan-2013 03:58 pm - all_roads_home's 2013 Wardrobe Post~
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My closet. Not very different from last year. I didn't really add any new interesting shoes or purses this year (well, except that Cait Sith plush I made which doubles as a purse Bunny/Bear-backpack-eat-your-heart-out) so I left those out. Same with headbands. Anything with (New) next to it's origin means I got/made/finished it this year. I also forgot my pants but that's just a pair of green johds and brown knee pants so nothing too exciting. I'd say this year was a year of diversifying my brand holdings since I finally got something Atelier Boz and also Putumayo, Meta and BtSSB. :D

Handmade (New)
My Reeve Tuesti inspired lolita coat since I needed a lolita coat and I wanted something to match Cait Sith. Instead of plain buttons I did gears to reference how Reeve makes robotic cats. ;D



Handmade and Offbrand


Offbrand and Metamorphose Card Playing Kitty Hoodie (New)

Handmade (New)
The Lyserg capelet I fiiinally finished. It even has pockets!

Skirts and Skirt Set

...And still not pressed a year after saying I really needed to press it. This Corvette skirt set should be familiar to anyone who's seen my prior wardrobe posts. :D

Victorian Maiden, Name Unknown

HMHM (New)



Handmade (New)

Handmade (New)
This is my Moto inspired skirt which will one day have a matching vest which will zip on like how moto jackets zip to their matching pants. I'm still working on how to make that work. The set will have all sorts of nods to motorcycles and moto gear, the color blocking being a giant nod to paint job on the Factory Ducati bikes in MotoGP. This also has pockeeeets~!

Handmade Worldmap Overskirt

Handmade Tron "The User" Skirt

Handmade Autumn Border Print Skirt

Handmade Victorian Ice Skaters Skirt



There's a Cardcaptor Sakura comic shoved in there to show the laser cut design.

I just can't bear to give this one away since it was my first.

Atelier Boz, Name Unknown (New)
Bought off a friend in the Austin comm for a steal since it needed a lot of repairs. The best part was since it needed a ton of repairs anyways I didn't feel bad shortening the straps so it sits on me perfectly. It also coords super well with my Lyserg capelet. :D

BtSSB, Name Unknown (New) and AatP Operalia
The red one is from my Red Bull Grand Prix lolita camping trip where I was totally able to get myself on an earlier flight to my connection in San Francisco and hit up the BtSSB store there! If I would have had any more room in my backpack I would have gotten the navy colorway too (I was already shoving this down the front of my jacket to be within bag limits for my flight lol).


Handmade by Pomelo's Place

Handmade Tron "Siren" Convertible JSK and Bolero Set
Photos of how it converts and such are here:

Handmade Valentine's Travel JSK and Corvette JSK w/ Matching headbow



Handmade Jane Eyre OP and "Wish For a Hometown" OP


Offbrand and Offbrand (New)


Offbrand, Offbrand (New) and Offbrand

Handmade (to go with the Tron skirt) and Offbrand



Offbrand (New) and Offbrand




Petticoats and Bloomers
The purple petti with the green waistband (aka the Riddler Petti) and the blue shippo pattern bloomers are new. I should have a tutorial for how I make organza petticoats up the second Thursday of February! It's super simple and considering my blue one has held up for 2-3 years with at least weekly wear I consider it a successful pattern.

Offbrand except the three in the bottom right which are Putumayo, AatP and AatP

This is how I store my socks, gloves and other small but not really small items, it's one of those 10 drawer towers from Office Depot.

Gloves, Mitts, Stole, Handkerchiefs and Scarf
Offbrand and Vintage except the second hankie to the right which is hand embroidered by me. I like embroidering/repairing/doing stuff with my hands while I watch things and I still have all of Naruto: Shippudan nd everything past season 1 of Walking Dead left.

The only things new are below:

Handmade, Handmade (bought at Anime Fest), Handmade (gift from BFF Forever)

And that's my lolita wardrobe! My previous yearly wardrobe posts are linked below:
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