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26th-Jan-2013 01:17 pm - Frustrated with BTSSB....
ok, so, I pre-ordered the Elisabeth bride if death JSK I and matching bonnet back in December. I have yet to receive it, and it took them almost two weeks to confirm they got my payment. the one time i asked about my order, the told me to please wait, that they would send it as soon as it "was prepared".

well I have been waiting; for weeks. I thought that I should have gotten my items by now....? they are up on the webshop, and all sold out.
I am worried that I wont get my items, and I don't want to be rude and ask again......I don't want them to get mad at know how BABY is for misunderstanding emails in English (at least from what I have heard).

so I am just wondering if they busy from a sale or something?? b/c it said on the website when I ordered that the items would arrive in the middle of Jan. well now it's the end of Jan and I have yet to have my items sent.

Any advice would be much welcome. thank you.


EDIT: sort of resolved. the bonnet has not been released yet. hence the delay.
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