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25th-Jan-2013 04:46 pm - Kittyloaf's Wardrobe!
baby pooh
I'm only posting pictures of the brand that I own because the rest of my wardrobe is divided among three places-- my mom's, my dad's, and school. I keep my brand at my dad's because I made a little loli corner to keep it all together and organized. Also, please forgive my lack of photography skills...

Here is everything:

AP jsk's (along with a very nosy kitty): Fancy Box and Milky-Chan of the Fawn

AP Tear Glass Bottle apron/skirt

My only OP, AP bunny-chan pocket OP

AP Lyrical Bunny/Party salopette

Btssb jsk's: My Sweet Mate Kumya's Honey Hunt, L'oiseau Bleu, and Very Berry Sweet Pie

More Btssb jsk's: Friend Usakumya Judy and Heart Marble Chocolate

My only brand blouse, from Btssb

Btssb skirts: Portrait of Alice (considering selling this one...) and Lovely Sweet Room

Btssb sweater. I love it to pieces but it's full of moth holes and I don't know how to fix it ;o;

Bows, socks, waist ties, sleeves, etc.

Thanks for looking! I'm currently waiting on a Dream Fantasy lucky pack in sax from mbok so a couple of things are missing :3
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