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25th-Jan-2013 06:35 pm - A small wardrobe post
rose, book
I loved the fashion when I learned about it first a few years ago but I only started buying a year ago. Also I wanted to participate in this theme since I saw al of those wonderful wardrobes a year ago. ^^

The quality of the pictures is a bit weird. They were taken with flash while it was dark outside so everything looks shinier than in real life. My wall is actually a sort of red, the flash makes it look like it is pink.  


DSC_4424 - kopieDSC_4418 - kopieDSC_4406 (2)
Atelier Boz, Moi Meme Moitie, AatP Leclair Chiffon jsk

DSC_4427 - kopieDSC_4452 - kopie
Innocent World Beluga jsk, offbrand.
I got the offbrand dress before I seriously started buying Lolita.

Both from FanplusFriend.
I use the right one instead of a petticoat sometimes, My petticoats are not pictured since two of them are dead and the other two are thos enormous lassical puppets petticoats that are too big for my tastes and most of my dresses and skirts are very light.


Dear Celine



2013-01-25 14.59.45
Top: Burleska and Sinister
Bottom: Sinister and offbrand


Poizen Industries
It is really pretty and elegant and has corset lacing at the back


Bows: Claires, Flowers: H&M, Everything else is offbrand

Bows from the dear celine blouses

Everything is offbrand


2013-01-25 15.49.02
FanplusFriend, 2x secret shop, offbrand
The offbrand ones have a very subtle heart pattern.
I mainly wear thighs so I don't have much socks.



2013-01-25 15.38.24DSC_4506
All of the shoes are offbrand except for the ones in the bottom right picture those are from bodyline.
unfortunately they are too small and I plan on selling them.

I also have some cardigans and cutsews I wear with lolita but I did not take pictures of them since I wear them a lot outside of lolita.

I hope you enjoyed

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