haenulishop (haenulishop) wrote in egl,

Haenuli's newst print catalogue~ Dreaming Cinderella


Hello girls, This is Haenuli :) <3 I just want to show my new- print "Dreaming Cinderella"
This was so exciting work, I just put on Disney -Cinderella O.S.T and sewing all the time.

I'm very happy to show all the pictures to you, I really try to make pretty coord so how many kind of styles does this dress can show.
So I had to coord 5 kinds of deffernt colorways. Does it look good?  Hope you girls can enjoy this :D

See the pictures :D ( Pictures are many and it can be heavy)Collapse )

I hope your dreams come true- just like Cinderella did. That's why I decide to make this dress name "Dreaming Cinderella"
Thank you for watching :)
Tags: !new releases, garment: dresses
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