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23rd-Jan-2013 07:50 am - Question about Bust sizing
Hello. This is my first time posting on EGL, so I hope that this post is allowed, if not I can delete it. I am trying to buy a high neck/no collar blouse in Navy to go with a JSK that I want to buy. Well, I found a blouse that is perfect from AATP that would fit my 98cm bust. But then when I looked it up on, it says that the same blouse is 90cm in the bust, not the 99cm that it says on the BTSSB/AATP website page for the blouse. Can anyone tell me if the bust measurement for it on AATP is the right one or if the bust measurement on lolibrary is the correct one?

For reference, it is the Prince Conrad blouse that I want, both on AATP and on lolibrary.

Prince Conrad on AATP

Prince Conrad on Lolibrary

EDIT: Now I know the correct answer. Thanks for the help everyone, though the answer wasn't what I expected and has now disappointed me.
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