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21st-Jan-2013 11:00 am - Wardrobe Post

Hello EGL!  Didnt know if I would be able to even post one of these this year, but here it is!  I havent been able to buy much this past year, starting college took alot of money!  Here is what I got!

First, some sweaters/blouses!

Grey one is American Eagle (I think) and the white and pink are from local thrift store

Left to Right: Putumayo sweater vest, h.Jelly top, Putumayo tank top

Yellow Peace Now Sweater

Left to Right: Bodyline, Bodyline,Metamorphose

Now some JSKs/Ops!

Black replica OP i got from Ebay, pink Bodyline JSK (first Lolita dress ever!)

My only skirt at the moment and a on print JSK (both Alice and the Pirates and both for sale)

Baby's as de Deu OdileJSKandAngelic rettySugary Carnival JS

Forgot about these two tops!  Alice and the Pirates Holy School Vest and a long sleeve blouse I got in my LP this past month

Two Meta JSKs!  Left is Honey Picnic in Mint and right is Fruit Punch Soda High waist Pinafore JSK in mint


I don't have very many shoes, but the ones I have match what I wear, so Im good!
Back left to right: Double Decker boots, random Ebay shop, white Victorian Baby the Stars Shine Bright boots
All shoes in the front row are Bodyline

Hair accessories

Redandblacktophat,and thethreehairbandsinthefrontarerandom laire's/offbrand, the mint top hatisFruit Punch Soda top hat from Meta, black and pinkbowintheverymiddle isSugarRoseCakeheadbow, nd thelittleblackandwhitebowsareAlice nd the Pirates


Big Angelic Pretty bag that my AP LP came inayear go, blue round bag is Meta, Angelic Pretty Boston style bag, round AngelicPrettyredbag


Left to right: Secret Shop, Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, four pairs of Meta, black white white lace are Baby, and black pony Bodyline

On it's way,stuckinChicagocustoms:


So there's my small wardrobe!  It may be small,but each piece is very ell loved!Star Night Theater is one of my dream prints along with Merry weet Castle by Baby!  Im very excited o get my OP

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