Piratessan (piratessan) wrote in egl,

Historical Theme: Viking Lolita!

I work as a lolita designer for my brand Ergi by Piratessan part time and am a viking nerd full time, so, according to the current EGL aesthetic theme I decided to make a take on a new lolita style: Viking Lolita!

Link added with mod permission:
The whole collection is now available for reserve at http://ergi.se !

Price for the dress starts at SEK 1600. Sales tax of 25% will be added if you live in the EU.
Trackable shipping fees:
Sweden: SEK 65 (DHL Service Point)
Europe: SEK 260 (DHL Economy Select)
Rest of the world: SEK 300 (Airmail Registered)

Airmail Registered is available to Sweden and Europe as well.
Thank you everyone for your lovely comments and support! <3

More images and details under cut!Collapse )
Tags: coordinates: photos, crafts: photos, theme: january
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