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penguindrum princess of the crystal
Hello everyone!

I know that there is already a small indie brand list on egl, but I wanted to do a more complete compilation of links to shops for clothing.

I'm plus-sized and new to lolita, so I was looking for other shops that do custom size automatically or offered it as an option. This list was compiled from resources such as Hello Lace and a Ramble Rori indie brand list, except adding a price range and notes column. For Taobao shops, please look at this good spreadsheet. Also, I excluded accessories due to the vast amount of shops available. I'm not sure if there is a spreadsheet like this existed already? FYI, I'll be slowly adding links from Japanese indie brands via this lolita_indies post.

Please give critique if you can and I can add interested individuals to help update the list! Thank you~

♥ L I N K ♥

EDIT 12/29/13: I've been adding a few new shops each month, new stores are Vietnamese brands!
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