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20th-Jan-2013 04:43 pm - My Wardrobe Post: A small Beginning
Hello, everyone! I started collecting lolita pieces just in the fall of 2012 so my wardrobe is very small, but will hopefully continue to grow. I consider myself more of a classic lolita and will be getting into ouji/kodona. I'm only posting my lolita specific stuff.

Blouses (left to right): Offbrand, offbrand, Forever 21
The first two were bought on the EGL sales comm and good steals, but my most versatile is the last one. The next blouse I get will be a pure white one.

Skirt: Lady Sloth High-waisted Clock Skirt
My only skirt at the moment ;^;. I absolutely adore it though; Lady Sloth is great.

JSK/Dress (left to right): Bodyline JSK, Infanta dress
Bodyline was bought on EGL sales comm with bows removed.

Petticoats (left to right: Classical Puppets A-line, Malco Modes 582
The Malco Modes is a square dance petti that I pinned up. It's a very fluffy bell shape!

Bottoms: The 69th Department
Only ouji shorts I have right now. Lighting was odd here, but they are pure black.

Accessories: Foxcherry333 (minihat, pink bow, lace choker), Bodyline (white bow), Offbrand (rings, necklaces, hat)
The Bodyline bow was part of the JSK. All the rings will be going to a pirate coord I'm planning.

Shoes: Bodyline, Offbrand
Bodyline shoes were a gift from a friend!


Pin and vest from Fanplusfriend. Oddly enough, the vest isn't showing on their website now.

And that's pretty much it. I forgot to photograph my socks, but I only have two offbrand pairs of OTKs in black and white. I hope to do this post yearly and see my own progress as I go! Thanks for looking!
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