retronymical (retronymical) wrote in egl,

Embarrassing question

This is my first post on this community in years, and I might as well as an embarrassing period-related question to kick it off!

So, I have a cleaning question. I have not worn my first lolita dress in about 4 years. It is just hanging in my closet. The reason is that I have some light period stains on the inner lining of the skirt. So I was wondering: how does one get period stains out of white lining? And while I'm at it, it also has light armpit/deodorant stains--may I also have advice on how to get rid of those as well? I feel so grody eek. I am just getting back into lolita and I really, desperately want to fix and wear this dress. Thanks so much for any advice!
Tags: discussion: clothing care
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