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Momo's tiny lolita wardrobe

Hello everyone! This is my first wardrobe post since I only really started getting into the fashion this past summer. I've loved it since I first discovered it in 2009, so I'm so excited to have even just a small wardrobe to share with the community. I hope you all enjoy looking at it!

First up: Dresses

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: Ribbon shirring JSK. This was my first brand dress, it's very versatile and I love to think of new ways to match it with things.

Angelic Pretty: Strawberry Parlour tiered JSK. My first dream print I've been able to purchase! I'm happy to be working on my wishlist already, I can't wait to start saving again for my next dream purchase.

Next up: Blouses

Baby the Stars Shine Bright: shirring blouse in cream. Bodyline blouse l364.

Finally: Shoes, socks, accessories, and undergarments

Bodyline shoes 251 in light pink

(From left to right) Angelic Pretty: Strawberry Parlour, AP: Happy Garden, AP: Wonder Party, Innocent world: Rose Ribbon (?), IW: Ribbon Anklet. 

Various AP accessories, comment if you want to know any specific names.

Classical Puppets Bellshaped petticoat. Metamorphose LP bloomers.

As a bonus, I keep my brand tags in a Ladurée box from Paris!

Thanks for looking! I hope you enjoyed!
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