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20th-Jan-2013 12:08 am - Kuks first wardrobe post :D
Hello everyone :) I've been a lolita for almost a year now :) It has been really fun watching all of your closets so maybe it's my time for contribute... I was wondering if i should post because my wardrobe is small, but it will be good for comparing it's evolution in the upcoming years:p

Here is the the view from my closet, extremely glamorous i know. Its mixed with my sisters cosplay stuff, it's kinda like the "weird part" for my mom haha.


Then lets gor for the... Dresses!!!

Both by Victorian maiden :) Sadly the darker one is a pain to dress, as it is so tiny ;-;

Innocent World "Bisque Doll" and My beloved Btssb "Fragrant Rose Memories"

My crown jewel! AatP "Vampire Requiem" in my favourite cut and colour! It was the first dress i bought when i decided i would become a lolita (fev '12) It's really dear to me, i should really wear it more often :)

Second, my skirts

My high waisted skirts, HMHM and AatP

My only cutsew (Metamorphose) and my regular waisted skirt, Innocent World

Cardis and Blouses : D

First one is offbrand, the sheer one is by Yolanda and the white is by AatP ^^

Chiffon blouses (I'm the biggest fan of chiffon, can't believe i only own these two D: ) Primark and random seller on ebay

All Metamorphose

Yolanda and Blanco :)

Socks collection! AatP, Meta, Baby, Meta, Meta

All offbrand, mostly Primark

My boring shoe collection, all basics^^

I woould love, love to get more totes, but these are enough for the use i give them and i need should really try concentrate more on getting "real bags" XD
Innocent World, Angelic Pretty, metamorphose, the big black one is from HMHM and it was completely free with a bunch of products i bought from them, i really nice surprise ^^

Head Gear :3

These are almost all from Fox Cherry, the big bow is from my dress, shouldn't be in the pic, the white and red is handmade by a girl on my comm, and the one with a big flower is Metamorphose :)


I say goodbye with my jewelry :) Thanks for looking ^^
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