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19th-Jan-2013 04:46 pm - Helsinki Lolita Convention 23.2.2013

The first Helsinki Lolita Convention, Hellocon, will be held 23.2.2013 in Gloria, Helsinki. Our quest of honor is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright model Tocco and her band Lolita Complex. The band will perform exclusively to the visitors of Hellocon after the event.

Hellocon will be packed with awesome program, such as fashion shows, lectures, workshops and panels. The program will be held mostly in Finnish, but our numerous fashion shows and workshops suit to those who don't know the language. Also the Q&A of Lolita Complex will be in English.

We also have an awesome variety of vendors coming, so I think that there will be something for everybody because their range varies from sweet to gothic. To learn more about our vendors, please visit our website here.

You can check the website of Hellocon here or follow us on facebook here.
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