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16th-Jan-2013 11:32 pm - BTSSB Lucky Pack + Wardrobe Post!
crazy hair
So this morning I went by the post office before work to grab my lucky pack, and then furiously tore it open in my car before going into work. I had to stay calm about it all day before getting to go home and throw everything on. Anyway the first part of this post will be about my lucky pack, and then the rest of my wardrobe! :>

I really like this cardigan (the cute flower buttons! sjdgksdlgj), but not sure how I feel about the cutsew. On one hand it is really really cute. On the other hand, the torso is...really short and doesn't cover my belly. I'll probably try thinking up outfits that will keep me covered. :P
Really love this white dress, but the ribbon actually ends up going right in the middle of my boobs and it looks really funky.
Miscellaneous stuff, all of which i like! I can always use more accessories.
Really glad I got a basic white blouse, because I really do need more in my wardrobe right now!
At first I thought I was going to dislike the black/white combo, but after trying it on, I actually really liked it! It was very surprising. It's hard to tell in this photo, but the fabric actually has a vertical stripey texture which I like. The pink dress I'm not too sure about...I am not a fan of the top part of the dress so I may not keep it.
The best part! I love love love this coat! C: Sadly it is probably too warm to really wear much, but I'm sure I'll find a time...

And now on to the rest of my wardrobe! Starting with dresses, in no particular order...

Baroque Pearl Drops on the Dry Flowers, and Metamorphose Night of Masquerade.

AATP Time of the Rose and Vampire Requiem.

BTSSB Cinderella Jewelry and AP Chess Chocolate.

Rose Melody, and Dear Celine JSKs.

All Bodyline!

BTSSB Snow Queen, and AP Toy Parade.

Edit: Forgot this photo earlier, WHOOPS. Skirt is Lief's Aster Cafe and the dress is Royal Ornament Regimental Stripe.

Dear Celine, and BTSSB.


Bodyline, some off brand??, and more Bodyline (can you tell I like this print hehehe).

Cardigans! They are AP, BTSSB, Metamorphose, and Peace Now. It is REALLY hard to see, but the PN cardigan actually has lots of cute ruffles all down the front.

Jackets/coats from Infanta, h.naoto Sixh., and Peace Now.

My single lolita-related bag...Actually I have a bag from Peace Now that is in the shape of a star as well, but I think I've left it in my car. OH WELL.

Miscellaneous stuff because I didn't want to be boring and make entire separate posts for cute socks, blouses, hats, etc...also I am lazy. Cutsews are from taobao (I also have a black one.

A bunch of my shoes...The only nicely lit photo that I didn't have to edit hahahaha. Pardon my kitchen background, but the lighting is just a million times better than my bedroom. And yes, I am aware that some of my shoes are falling apart, and yes I plan on fixing them. :P

My wall of accessories... I have a lot more stuff lying around and in various bags and boxes but as you can see I make at least an attempt at being sort of organized...

And last but not least I thought I would include my Prunella Pullip since she is wearing h.naoto!

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