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16th-Jan-2013 02:29 pm - Bonnet help

I have been wanting to try bonnets for a while but im scared that I might be a little on the to heavy side to rock it. Im scared my face might be not the cute kind of round for them. I tried looking for photos of people in bonnets but there was no tag for them in DL. I was hoping people who have a more round face or on the heavier side could show me pictures of them in bonnets.

I also wanted to know from the people who wear bonnets where you get them from. I tried taobao but all I can find are the floppy kind and I would like to try the more stiff kind. I have seen some for sale on comm sales but they are around $80 and since im not sure how its gonna look I was hoping to find some cheaper offbrand ones.

Reference photos of my face. (I know these are not my best looking photos, but they have the most accurate showing of my true face shape.)
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