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16th-Jan-2013 03:36 pm - Downsized wardrobe post
zosan 2

This years post isn't as big as last years since I sold off a lot of my skirts and JSKs (I went a tad crazy last year with spur of the momen purchases) but here goes!


Juliette et Justine - Feerie JSK (First Release) 


Innocent World - Grazia Crown (Short ver.)


Meta - Moonlight Night


Alice and the Pirates - Vampire Requiem (2nd Release)


Alice and the Pirate - Vampire Prelude


Alice and the Pirates - I think its "original tartan check" but I'm not sure, Can anyone verify? 


Spider (Not sure if they are still a brand or not) - Punk tartan skirt


(From L top to R bottom) Infanta, Infanta, Chess Story, The 69th Department 


(from L to R) Dear Celine, Rose Melody


Both off brand


Jackets I use with the punk skirts: HELLCATPUNKS and Deorart


I can't remember what Taobao brand this is from OTL




Socks (from L to R) Alice and the Pirates, Meta, Alice and the Pirates, Bodyline, Random sock store in china town. Secret Shop, Secret Shop, offbrand

Shoes (From L to R) - An*tai*na, An*tai*na, Offbrand, Miranda, An*tai*na.

Bags (From top L to bottom R) - Offbrand, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, offbrand, offbrand, LORIS


Parasols - Alice and the Pirates, Vivienne Westwood .

Boguta waist clincher, offbrand Faux Fur collar.

all offbrand.

All are Fox Cherry.


Second choker from the bottom  is from itter Swee

Rose bracelet is from Bitter Swee

Eyeball rings from Kreepsville 666, Bat and Bear jack'o'lantern rings from Atomic Honey, everything else is offbrand (besides that storm guardian ring)

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