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15th-Jan-2013 07:52 pm - Alice and the Pirates Lucky Pack
So I finally recieved my Alice and The Lucky Pirates Lucky Pack today!  They tried to deliver it when I wasnt home, so my mum went to the post office to get it for me.  Here's what I got:

Black JSK (anyone know the name?)
The bodice has four buttons, each one is a different button in the card suite style

The bottom hem is scalloped, with a thick lace peeking out from underneath.


I'll be honest, this JSK is gorgeous, but it just doesn't doesnt look good on me.  I will be selling this on the comm sales andtheEnglishSalespageonFacebook.
Striped Vest

Gorgeous! ndit its great, so I will be keeping this.  This would look awesome in a pirate inspired coord.

Black Long Sleeve Blouse

This blouse has more of a high collar that hugs the neck.  The sleeves are not detachable, but that is all right.  The bottom part where the bow on the sleeve is fitted against the wrist area.  Gorgeous!

Rosary Princess Corset Skirt

This skirt is absolutely gorgeous!  My avorite piece I recieved besides the blouse.  Sadly, as a result of this skirt I have discovered that high waisted skirts do not suit me, so I will be selling this as well.
Cat Print Skirt


This skirt is so cute!  The little cathasasmalllogoinsidethecurlofit's ail.  I didnt take a picture of the back, but it is just the same as the front but without the cat.  However strangely, there is a tail part pinned to the back.  It is removable, but the tail just makes it seem kind of costumeyorsomething.

Silver Logo Necklace


The only piece of jewelry I got in my pack.  Silver colored ribbon with AP written inside.



I dont really have much to match, but I am goingtokeepthem.Thetoprosesarea ice shade of pink, and im hoping these socks will match my Star Night Theater OP in pink that is on it's way to me right now

So overall, I like the things I got, but will be selling off the JSK and high waist skirt as they fit me weird and I dont really have anything that matches either piece

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